Monday, 23 March 2015

on the weekend

had a wonderful weekend with my eldest girl coming up saturday arvo & staying over, we chatted about all things homey & frugal & also about her new salon, she will become her own boss! more on that another time. 
i gave her, her crochet books i had purchased from amazon, she was absolutely thrilled! seeing the look on her face was priceless! like a toddler at xmas. forgot all about taking photos, darn!
i made a variation on anzac bikkies, muffins with no sugar, golden syrup or wheat. DD liked them also. even though they got a little scorched, my oven sometimes cooks hot, they were still delicious. 

managed to get a bit of knitting done before DD came up, halfway round my YDs collar for her cardigan.

getting the collar done

 the cardigan is almost done, just one sleeve to sew in & the collar to finish & sew in as well. 

first sleeve has been sewn in

front bands are also done, the colour has gone an awful wash out here

should be finished this week with any luck & hopefully the buttons will have arrived also. will post photos when it's all put together.

                                  *        *        *       *        *

we had some much needed rain on the weekend with thunderstorms saturday night. sunday it rained too, my neighbour must be kicking himself right now, as he has a new tank but didn't get it hooked up before he went away for the weekend. was watching him earlier sorting his down pipes out & putting them up.
a sun shower has just started as i finish this post

well i hope everyone had a pleasant weekend

thanx for visiting


  1. Great to hear you had a lovely weekend with your daughter, Selina. That cardigan is such a gorgeous colour - would love to see photos when you finally get if finished with the buttons.

    1. thanx
      'Gun Metal' Athena wool from BWM
      hopefully this week

  2. How exciting for your daughter - being her own boss. Your knitting is coming along well. That is a skill I would like to be able to master, my efforts are really terrible.

    1. it all takes practice & crafts are wonderful to learn, just start
      it was lovely seeing her, she is hoping to have a bit more time to come & visit once she gets her salon established

  3. Thats exciting for your daughter, I hope it all works out for her....that cardi looks lovely!!! Jan x